Dear DK.com, Sorry this is so long but I just had to tell you that  I love Flop A Cot's! 

 My name is Lila and I am a mother and a grandmother and have been a Childcare Provider in Chenango County for many years. Flop-A-Cot nap mats in my opinion are the best nap mats for kids, they really do love them, its amazing. I have used them over ten years and continuing, used them in my Daycare and to this day for my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Their light weight and easy for the kids to carry and roll out when needed. 

I live in a mobile home and have limited space so when they are rolled up I store them by stacking them one on top of the other behind a dresser in one of my rooms, this works because they are soft and pliable. When I have kids show up to stay over night, all I have to do is pull them out and roll them out anywhere and the kids are happy and sleep good, I never have heard a complaint. The kids ask for them.  

​For my Daycare I love that I can just throw them in the washer and dryer when needed that is usually once a week like a comforter. I have of course had to wash them more as needed if a child had an accident, daily at times, and they have held up and the oldest ones I have are still in use to this day. Some I have are 10 years old.

I have also used them when we go camping with the kids, the Vinyl Sheet on the bottom keeps the bed and kid dry and dirt free so not just inside the tents, the kids love that they can lay in them outside the tent on the grass to look at the stars. I love that they can be used indoors and out , money saved and in my daycare no blankets or pillows to have to keep track of because you put it all into the Flop A Cot. No matter what we have used them for, in my Daycare and camping, the kids have always seemed happy that they had their Flop A Cot, and sleep very well in them. 

Another thing I really like is that everything stays together, no time and stress looking at the last minute for a pillow or blanket.

However this is why I finally sent you this letter,  as of November 16/2015 I have never been more amazed by the affect Flop-A-Cot’s have on a child than when my severely ADHD 9 year old nephew would not go to bed because he did not want to get into a new bed I had for him. So I put a  Flop A Cot on the bed and oh my gosh ! He climbed in without anymore fits and was asleep in just a few minutes! I was stunned and so happy!

As you see I have used this product for many years and I am completely sold on this product, the greatest thing going in my opinion.. 

Lila A.
Norwich, NY
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